7 February–18 August 2019

Exhibition Overview

During his almost sixty-year career as an artist, Christian Ludwig Attersee has successfully subverted all categorisations in the history of art. He has successively broken down aesthetic boundaries between high and low, pop and modern, free and applied art. The Austrian artist ‘atterseeises’ his world and makes his own name a trademark. Birds, fish, flowers, meals, fruit, women, the horizon, sailing and the weather have been part of his iconography since the beginning and form an overarching narrative whose countless stories only take shape and become decipherable upon closer examination. Attersee’s work draws just as much on his own biography and his everyday life as on art and its history.

The exhibition on the upper floor of the Belvedere 21 focuses on the first twenty years of his creative career in particular, during which time Attersee formulates the complex diversity of his entire oeuvre. On display are works from numerous genres, such as drawings, collages, paintings, photographic series, carpets, films, music, objects, select product designs, and much more. As a result, Christian Ludwig Attersee’s distinctive oeuvre is made accessible on a large scale and presented to the general public in a comprehensible format.

(Photo: Christian Ludwig Attersee, Feuerstelle, 2001Private collection, Mixed media with photo from 1968 on cardboard, 36 x 48 cm)

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