New York, NY | USA

About the Museum

ArtBridge was founded in 2008 by graphic designer and artist Rodney Durso, who believed that we could turn New York’s scaffolding into a canvas for art, enlivening our city while promoting local, emerging artists. Since 2008, ArtBridge has installed art at more than a dozen construction sites in New York City, with installations as far north as the Hudson Valley, and as far east as Italy.

ArtBridge has recently announced plans to target scaffolding in lower-income neighborhoods, empowering local artists to be community builders. ArtBridge plans to especially focus these efforts on NYCHA buildings, which are surrounded by an alarming 41 miles of construction scaffolding in New York City.

Mission ArtBridge empowers emerging artists to transform urban spaces. New York City currently has a staggering 192 miles of street-level construction scaffolding. This ubiquitous construction eats away at the fabric of our neighborhoods. ArtBridge transforms this eyesore into a canvas for local, emerging artists. These exhibitions result in incredible exposure for artists, while artfully reinvigorating our urban landscape.

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