Acervo Artístico Cultural dos Palácios dos Governo

São Paulo | Brazil

About the Museum

The Artistic-Cultural Collection of the Palaces of the Government of the State of São Paulo or Acervo Artístico Cultural dos Palácios do Governo (AACPG) is the official body responsible for the conservation, development, exhibition and management of the historical-artistic collections of the state palaces of São Paulo.

Subordinate to the Secretariat of the Civil House, it is constituted by a curatorial council and by a technical group of preservation and control, with headquarters in the Palace of the Bandeirantes in São Paulo. In addition to the Palácio dos Bandeirantes collection, the AACPG manages the collections of the Boa Vista Palace in Campos do Jordão. It manages an expressive collection of works of historical, artistic and scientific importance, consisting of more than 3,500 items - most of them referring to Brazilian art, from the colonial period to the present day, as well as examples of European and Asian decorative arts and paintings from the Cusco school. It also holds temporary exhibitions and cultural events in government palaces.

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