Sotheby's Hong Kong Internship Opportunity 2021


Founded in 1744, Sotheby’s is one of the best-known brand names in the world, with a rich history of selling extraordinary objects - from masterpieces such as Munch’s The Scream, to the Magna Carta, to T-Rex skeletons. With regional hubs in New York, London, and Hong Kong, Sotheby’s operates in 80 offices spread over 40 countries. We emphasize global teamwork and ethical standards as we strive to achieve the highest quality customer experience for our clients around the world.

Our staff are passionate about their work in the fast-paced, challenging, dynamic, and exciting global marketplace for great works of art.

Sotheby’s offers selected individuals the opportunity to participate in an internship at our Hong Kong office. Our objective is to offer interns the best professional and educational experience possible. Interns will have the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of an auction house, works of art, and potential industry careers, through a placement in either an art specialist or business department.

Candidate Profile

• A strong academic record
• Leadership and teamwork experience
• Curiosity and passion for learning
• Demonstrable high EQ, IQ and strong communication skills
• Proficiency in written and verbal Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) is preferred

Eligibility Requirements

• Applicants must be full time students who are actively enrolled in degree level education
• Internships are offered in blocks of 1 to 2 months, and candidates must be available on a fulltime basis to commit to this period
• Internships longer than 2 months require endorsement from candidates university indicating that the internship is a compulsory or elective component of the respective undergraduate programme
• If the internship is NOT a compulsory or elective component of the respective undergraduate programme, applicants must be under the age of 26 years at the beginning of placement
• Only one placement can be undertaken in any one calendar year per applicant in Hong Kong and applicants are required to make a statutory declaration at the Hong Kong Home Affairs Department verifying this fact and provide the declaration to Sotheby’s for record
• Applicants must hold or be able to obtain valid working papers for Hong Kong. Sotheby’s will support the visa application for eligible international students with appropriate prior notice

Application Process

To apply for a Sotheby’s Internship in Hong Kong, candidates should submit the following documents via our careers portal here :
The Application form (all sections must be completed)
• A copy of your CV
• A cover letter

Please note that we will only accept applications submitted through the iCIMS portal link above, no hardcopy applications will be considered. Applications that do not include all three documents will not be considered. Selected candidates will be invited for a first round interview. Sotheby’s will review all applicants once the deadline has passed, and may take up to three months to communicate the outcome of your application.

For any additional queries, please contact us at

Application Deadline

Please submit your application online before the respective application deadlines. Late submission will not be entertained. Visa processing times should be considered when submitting applications.

Internship Period

From mid-May to mid-September 2021
The internship duration will be of 1 months up to a maximum of 59 days. If it is longer than 2 months, i.e. 60 days, we require your university’s endorsement. Please see “Eligibility Requirements” above for details.

Application Deadline

18 April, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not available during one month of the suggested dates, can I still apply?
The availability dates are guidelines only. The exact period of the internship will vary depending on the department schedule and your availability.

Can international students apply for the internship at Sotheby’s Hong Kong?
Yes, international students may apply. However, internships of this nature require you to have the right to work in Hong Kong. All our interns are responsible for obtaining their work permit/training visa approved by the Hong Kong Immigration Department in order to take up their internship with Sotheby’s and Sotheby’s will support the visa application for eligible international students.

How do I apply for a Hong Kong training visa?
If you do not have the right to work in Hong Kong, please go to the following website for more information: We are happy to support with the provision of any necessary documents for the selected applicants as needed. A visa application would normal takes 2 months to process and longer during peak season.

Does Sotheby’s offer internships in other offices other than Hong Kong? Internship programmes are available in New York, London, Geneva and Hong Kong. For more information, please refer to the Careers page on

Do you offer unpaid work experience for any time period? We are only able to offer internship placements that match our above requirements.

Are high school students or college graduates eligible for the Sotheby’s Hong Kong Internship Programme?
To comply with the legislation, we are only able to offer internship placements to full time students who are actively enrolled in degree level education.

Is this internship paid?
This is an unpaid internship. However, a pro-rated monthly allowance of HK$3,000 will be given in support of transportation expenses.

What if my academic schedule interferes with the start or end date of the summer internship?
Sotheby’s is aware that academic schedules vary and will work with candidates on an individual basis to resolve any conflicts. Once an applicant is accepted into the programme, these details must be discussed with the internship coordinator as soon as the applicant confirms his or her acceptance.

For any additional queries, please contact us at