Frequently Asked Questions/Help

  • How can I find out what an object is worth?
  • Where can I find auction results?
    Results are posted online shortly after the close of each auction session. View Auction Results

    You can search for results via the Auction of the site by selecting 'Results' from the top menu, then 'More Options' to filter your search by date, location and/or department.

    Alternatively, find a specialist department’s auction results within the Department area of the site, under its ‘Records & Results’ section. Here you can easily view a department’s auction results for the past 12 months, alongside its records and significant sales.

    If you need additional help, please contact Sotheby's auction results line:

    New York: (212) 606-7901

    London: (44) 207 293 5855

  • What are the symbols that appear next to the estimates on Lots?
    The symbols seen on the Lot Details are referred to as Lot Symbols; such as a triangle, square, or circle, are listed next to the estimates. The symbol may indicate a note such as a guarantee or lack of reserve.
  • Why am I having difficulty viewing the site?
    If you are having difficulty viewing our site, it may be because your browser has not been updated, or because your browser is not compatible. The following list shows common browsers that are compatible with our site. We recommend you use the latest version of each browser for optimal viewing. The links below will help you download upgrades.

  • How can I find out about Sotheby's auctions and other events?
    Click on Auctions from the top site menu. Here you can view Sotheby's events in three different ways - in a Timeline, Calendar or List format.

    The auctions calendar allows you to filter your search by event type, location and department. To do this, simply click on 'More Options' above the calendar and make your selections. Alternatively, when in List view you can enter sale title or sale number into the search box provided, and hit Search. Here, you also have the option to 'Save to Calendar' to download the event to your own calendar.

    View Auction Calendar
  • How can I access catalogues?
    View catalogues on the web site or as PDF

    Sotheby's catalogues for most sales locations are published online with full illustrations. You can connect to our e-catalogues from the main Auction calendar section.
  • Where can I find information on a specialist department?
    Select Departments from the top main menu and view the full list of Sotheby’s specialist areas by category or alphabetically. Here you will find department overviews, catalogues, contact information for specialists, upcoming auctions, recent results, records and more.

    Departments list
  • How can I find more information on Sotheby's online Buy Now platform?
    Different from auction, where items are bid on and sold to the highest bidder in a public sale, and Private Sales, which offers discreet brokerage of a high-value transaction between seller and buyer, the Buy Now platform offers a channel for immediate sale of an item at a fixed price.

    Find information on Shipping and Return Policies
    Find information on Buyer Terms
    Find information on Seller Terms