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Tom Dixon x Old Master Paintings

27 November 2019 | London
Tom Dixon

Sotheby’s Old Master Paintings Preview at Tom Dixon

Sotheby’s Old Masters department are delighted to present a curated pop-up exhibition of paintings from The Dutch Golden Age at Tom Dixon’s flagship workshop. Tom Dixon’s canal-side space, The Coal Office, combines Victorian engineering and contemporary architecture and design; it embodies the history and eccentricities of this newly restored and vibrant area of London.

The paintings hanging at The Coal Office were painted in an age of industry, in an age of travel and trade. The seventeenth century in Amsterdam and the surrounding Dutch and Flemish towns was defined by creativity and entrepreneurship; it was the age in which the canals and infrastructure of the Netherlands were put into place. To now be able to present this group of Old Master Paintings in this unique environment, at the heart of London’s own industrial quarter will, we hope, be a unique experience.

To help us provide you with the best experience during your visit, let us know if you would like to attend using the contact form provided.

Admission is free and open to the public.

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Coal Office
Tom Dixon & Sotheby's Old Master Paintings Exhibition
27 November 2019
2 Bagley Walk London, NC1 4PQ

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