Diamonds: The Dazzling ∞
Live Auction: 19 October 2021 • 11:00 AM HKT • Hong Kong

Diamonds: The Dazzling ∞ 19 October 2021 • 11:00 AM HKT • Hong Kong

B illions of years in the making, diamonds are one of nature’s most wondrous and precious gifts. After being formed in the earth under immense pressure and heat, precise cutting and polishing bring out their incomparable beauty. For thousands of years, diamonds have inspired emotions, mesmerised and seduced. The Greeks believed diamonds were the tears of the Gods while Romans theorised they were fragments of stars fallen from the sky. The Egyptians placed a diamond ring on the fourth finger, believing a 'vein of love' ran directly from the finger to the heart. They have been the source of endless stories and ultimately, a diamond’s beauty is the rarest of all their qualities. Thus the name of this sale is Diamonds: The Dazzling ∞.

Over the years, the understanding of value has evolved, and many collectors are increasingly of a digitally native generation who appreciate innovations in the luxury space. Thus we present one magnificent signed piece of diamond jewellery as a highlight of this sale, continuing our commitment to innovation by accepting payment in the newest universal currency – including Ether, Bitcoin or USD Coin possible through through Coinbase Commerce, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

This sale will be conducted using remote bidding only. Bidders wishing to participate in the auction may do so by three methods: Leaving an absentee bid, Live online bidding, Telephone bidding. Please email to register bids. Thank you for your understanding.

是次拍賣會只接受網上出價、電話投標及書面投標,不設現場親身競投。如需登記參與競投,請電郵至 。感謝您的諒解與配合。

The Endless Design Possibilities of Unmounted Stones


Whether it is destined to be an engagement ring or a custom-designed jewel, purchasing a loose diamond allows the buyer to create his or her dream setting. Often it is the diamond’s subtle variation in length-to-width ratio or depth percentage that cause a buyer to fall in love with a specific stone. After finding a stone to one’s liking, virtually any design is possible with the help of a skilled jeweller.

What to Look for in a Diamond

White diamonds come in a vast array of shapes, sizes and qualities. Most have heard of the Four C’s introduced by the Gemological Institute of America to grade diamonds based on its colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. If the sea of options available in the global marketplace feels overwhelming, trust that Sotheby’s online auctions will provide a carefully curated and diverse selection of diamonds. We take a look at seven breath-taking diamonds that have come to Sotheby’s, on offer in this September sale.

Harry Winston

A New Milestone for Cryptocurrency

This year, cryptocurrency has made history, extending its reach in the world of physical art and objects. In this sale, it takes another big stride, as Sotheby’s announces that cryptocurrency will be accepted as payment for a Magnificent Diamond Necklace by Harry Winston – the first time a piece of signed jewellery has been offered for public purchase with cryptocurrency. While fiat will be accepted as is customary, payment in Ether, Bitcoin or USD Coin will also be possible – facilitated through Coinbase Commerce, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Harry Winston | A Magnificent Diamond Fringe Necklace | Estimate 36,000,000 - 46,000,000 HKD


Talk to Me Harry Winston!

In the 1953 movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn Monroe famously sang the line “Talk to me Harry Winston! Tell me all about it…” whilst performing the song “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend; perfectly summing up the jubilant attitude towards diamond’s most famous namesake. Harry Winston’s innovative design philosophy, in which individual gemstones, rather than metal settings, would dictate each design – helped revolutionize fine jewellery designs, and continues to remain the cornerstone of a timeless aesthetic that continues to inspire all Harry Winston creations.

Harry Winston is recognised as one of the greatest jewel connoisseurs from the 20th century. “Harry Winston’s almost unerring instincts about gemstones grew over the years to legendary proportions… (His) creativity sprang from a desire to display the finest-quality gemstones in the most elegant settings possible. While he admired the interesting jewellery designs of the Art Deco style, Mr. Winston wanted his settings to place more emphasis on the beauty of the gemstones themselves.”

It is estimated that one third of the world’s most famous diamonds passed through Winston’s hands during his career and his history with some of the biggest and most unusual jewels is unparalleled. In the 1950s, his collection was second only to that of the British Royal Family.

A masterpiece of true opulence, this Magnificent Diamond Necklace, Harry Winston combines elegant and delicate design with exceptional stones and exquisite workmanship. Designed as a cascade of diamonds, the nine graduated pear-shaped stones at the front, all D colour and Internally Flawless, have been meticulously selected to match the standard of quality that is paramount to the Harry Winston brand. The necklace displays the signature Winston flair; with a distinctive arrangement of diamond clusters and shaped stones of complementary sizes and remarkable brilliance. Of fringe design, the diamonds are mounted in platinum and weighs approximately carats in total.

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