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Bohemian Rhapsody Blue Vinyl

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Rare Queen Limited Edition Bohemian Rhapsody – I’m In Love With My Car vinyl single, produced in 1978 by EMI.

  • House blue vinyl single in the original purple picture sleeve.
  • Number 180 of 200 copies pressed.
  • Both the single and sleeve are hand-numbered 180 in black pen.
  • This example was obtained for the estate of a former employee of Queen.

Track Listing

Side one – "Bohemian Rhapsody" – EMI 2375 A-3

Side two – "I’m In Love With My Car" – EMI 2375 B-1

EMI’s then-general manager, Paul Watts, decided to press the single in extremely limited quantities to commemorate EMI’s International Division winning the Queen’s Award To Industry For Export Achievement, beating competition from many other manufacturers.

Pressing a run of only 200 blue vinyl singles instead of the usual large runs of black vinyl was no easy feat. Getting a pure blue strain of vinyl was also very time-consuming, and the Queen single took about three days to produce, costing £4 to £5 per copy, where the usual rate was normally 50 pence. To finish off the record, full-color Night At The Opera crest labels were printed and added to each disc; each was then hand-numbered on both the record and sleeve.

Condition Report

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Vinyl in very good condition.

Sleeve with minor creases to the corners, slight wear to some areas of the edges and some light ring wear and a tiny tear on the top edge.


Diameter: 7 inches / 17.78 cm



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