Platinum, Steel and 14.19ct Diamond Flower Brooch

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Designed as a stylized flower, centering a cushion-cut diamond surrounded by six pear-shaped diamond petals with two marquise-cut diamond leaves, and pavé-set detail to stem.

  • Diamonds weighing a total of 14.19 carats
  • Platinum and steel
  • Total weight approximately 12.40 grams
  • Accompanied with 9 GIA certifications

• Part of The Steel Collection from Sotheby’s Diamonds, an uncompromising contemporary collection centered on a compelling juxtaposition: the exquisite balance between the fiery femininity of the diamond and the masculine toughness of steel. 

• Austere, utilitarian and industrial, steel seems an unlikely material from which to conjure fabulous and extravagantly thrilling jewels, and still less likely a partner for the capricious, light-filled glamour of the divine diamond. 

• Sleek, tailored settings emphasize the brilliance of the perfectly plotted, crisply defined facets of each superbly cut diamond, at the same time creating a slender, soaring silhouette that captures the eye and stimulates desire. The contrast of light and shadow, translucency and opacity, creates a chiaroscuro effect, reminiscent of Caravaggio and his masterful storytelling canvases. 

 • Steel alloys from the early 20th century are hand-selected for their chemical composition so that, when heated, the metal turns a spectacular lustrous hue. The process requires not only consummate skill but sensitivity and instinct: even a single degree too low or too high can dramatically alter the final color. Given the alloys’ variable compositions, no two effects are ever identical, resulting in uniquely individual shades ranging from deep blues and greens to violets and purples.


Sotheby’s Diamonds is a pioneering venture that brings together the most exceptional and desirable diamonds, cutting-edge design and superlative craftsmanship in a very modern, forward-looking house. It links the entire complex chain of supply and creation, from the most trusted and transparent sources of the finest raw materials to the most sophisticated design and rarefied craftsmanship, following the near-magical transformation, from rough to refined, that lies behind each magnificent diamond jewel.

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GIA certificates stating:

no. 1145167524: 3.01ct, Cushion cut, H color, VVS1 clarity.

no. 2145642739: 2.01ct, Pear Brilliant cut, K color, VS1 clarity.

no. 5143881615: 1.72ct, Pear Brilliant cut, H color, VVS1 clarity.

no. 2147037315: 2.00ct, Pear Brilliant cut, J color, VVS2 clarity.

no. 1145132340: 1.01ct, Pear Brilliant cut, I color, IF clarity.

no. 5133543399: 1.00ct, Pear Brilliant cut I color, VS1 clarity.

no. 5163990741: 1.17ct, Pear Brilliant cut, H color, IF clarity.

no. 2151097327: 1.25ct, Marquise cut, I color, VVS1 clarity.

no. 15671666: 1.02ct, Marquise cut, H color, VS1 clarity.

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