Bianchi e Nardi 1946

Antonia Backpack with Shoulder Straps in Hand Painted Python and Gold Hardware

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Bianchi e Nardi 1946 Antonia Backpack with Shoulder Straps in Hand-Painted Python and Gold Hardware, 2020

  • Includes box and dustbag.

World-renowned for their excellent leather quality and craftsmanship, Bianchi e Nardi dates back to 1946, and for decades has thrived as one of the leaders of precious skins and leather manufacturing in Italy. Today, Bianchi e Nardi has developed their own namesake line with the highest quality craftsmanship and materials reflected in every detail and stitch. As well as their ready-to-buy collections, they are well-known for bespoke handbags and leather goods, with countless made-to-measure options in various sizes, shapes, skins and more.

About Exotic Skins

Precious skins come from animals normally isolated from human touch. Such lack of familiarity translates into a certain element of secrecy and surprise when one finally touches a well-made handbag derived from an exotic animal. Ostrich leather, for instance, is the softest to the touch. Snake leather is the one with the most variation of texture, even within one species.


• Ostrich leather has a beautiful and sporty look, making it ideal for everyday use. Alternately, given its high durability, this type of leather makes a perfect business or travel bag.


• Python leather has a more aggressive look, especially when it’s hand-painted. A durable and flexible leather, it gets more appealing with years of use. 


• Genuine crocodile or alligator leather is considered king of the exotic leather world. Crocodile leather is perfect for night or day, depending on the style and design of the bag; a large shopping bag is an eye-catcher, and a small shiny evening bag can make a sophisticated statement. 


Fun Fact:

A skill that has been kept in the family by Bianchi e Nardi for three generations, agatatura is the manual treatment that employs the natural properties of the agate stone to give precious skins a glossy texture.

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Height: 9.06 inches / 23 cm
Width: 9.84 inches / 25 cm
Depth: 4.33 inches / 11 cm


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