The Journal of Contemporary Photography Deluxe Editions

21st Editions

1998 - 2003

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Set of limited Deluxe Edition of 21st: The Journal of Contemporary Photography, Culture & Criticism with 75 signed prints. 

  • Sold as a set of 6.
  • The Journal of Contemporary Photography 21st Editions Deluxe Editions, 1998-2003.
  • Volume 1: "The Transcendent Vision"
  • Volume 2: "Metaphysical"
  • Volume 3: "The Clandestine Mind"
  • Volume 4: "The Gardens of DeCosse"
  • Volume 5: "Strange Genius"
  • Volume 6: "Flesh and Spirit"
  • Brewster, Massachusetts : Leo & Wolfe Photography, Inc., 1998-2003.
  • Special Deluxe Edition print.
  • Signed on the limitation page by the artists included in each volume.
  • Bound in morocco goatskin, Japanese silks and Italian fabrics, and encased in a matching portfolio box.
  • Housed in clamshell boxes.

Additional signature information:

Vol. 1 is signed by artists Bernard Faucon, Michael Kenna, Holly Wright, Luis Gonzales Palma, Keith Carter, Duane Michaels, Steven Albahari, Mark Klett, Sandy Skoglund, Jock Sturgis, Ernestine Ruben, Willie Middlebrook, John Metoyer, Olivia Parker, Leonard Baskin and Patrick Bailey-Maitre-Grand.

Vol. 2 is signed by artists Adam Fuss, Jaume Blassi, Bill Jacobson, Joyce Tenneson, Kenro Izu, Vik Muniz, Cy DeCosse, John Dugdale, Tom Baril, Joan Fonteuberta, Arthur Tress, Robert ParkeHarrison and Sheila Metzner.

Vol. 3 is signed by artist John Dugdale.

Vol. 4 is signed by artist Cy Decosse.

Vol. 5 is signed by artists Sally Mann, Michal Macku, Connie Imboden, Vincent Serbin, Sheila Metzner, Andrea Modica, Josephine Sacabo, John Metoyer, David Levinthal, Stephen Berkman, Kelly Grider, Keith Carter, Christopher Pekoe and Don Gregorio Anton.

Vol. 6 is signed by artists S. J. Staniski, Carol Munder, Toni Catany, Brigitte Carnochan, Wouter Deruytter, Robert Stivers, Don Hong Oai, Jayne Hinds Bidaut, Ariane Lopez-Huici, Tony Catany, Christopher Bucklow, Flor Garduno, Greg Gorman, Dimitris Yeros, Jerry Spagnoli and Phillip Trager.

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Books and clamshell boxes are still in the original cardboard shipping cartons.

Height: 16.88 inches / 42.86 cm
Width: 14.75 inches / 37.47 cm
Photographs, Art, Illustrated, Prints and colour plate
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