Una Casa Una Vida: Collection Yolanda Eleta de Fierro - Part II

Una Casa Una Vida: Collection Yolanda Eleta de Fierro - Part II

Una Casa Una Vida: Collection Yolanda Eleta de Fierro - Part II

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Sotheby’s proudly presents the personal collection of Yolanda Eleta de Fierro, from her Madrid residence. A stage of beauty, created by a lady of fabulous allure and elegance, this house was a warm family home and the setting of many glamourous social gatherings. In the true cosmopolitan spirit of the celebrated decorating firm Maison Jansen, the collection put together in this opulent mansion in the heart of Madrid, reflects D.Yolanda’s international upbringing and education.

Born in Panama, this Stanford University educated lady, married the Spanish scion of a banking family, Ignacio Fierro, with whom she built this impressive home from 1965. Supported by her fellow countryman, the architect Guillermo de Roux, D. Yolanda Eleta went on to gather in her travels a carefully curated collection, framed by classical architecture.

The influence of the English country house aesthetic is present in the stunning dining room which, lined with blue ground 18th century Chinese export wallpaper, and centred by a huge mahogany table set with a spectacular Regency silver dining service by Paul Storr, a highlight of the collection.

The vast drawing room, a space for entertaining, was centred by an important work by Antoni Tapiés from 1962, and was representative of the sophisticated confort that Jansen epitomised, with Chinese porcelain, French clocks, Chinoiserie lacquered cabinets, English giltwood mirrors and confortable seating furniture.

But walking into the Library was a lot more personal, with a monumental pair of globes by Malby taking center stage surrounded by an audience of exquisite objects collected on travels, each telling a story. And as such, her dazzling collection of over one hundred pieces of jewellery will be also be included in the sale, an intimate look into the taste of one of the most glamourous ladies of Spanish society.

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