{R(Evolutionaries);} Digital Art Through The Decade

{R(Evolutionaries);} Digital Art Through The Decade

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Punytokens Debut Dozen Decennial

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March 22, 06:07 PM GMT


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Punytokens Debut Dozen Decennial

Executed in 2014 and minted on Namecoin then reminted to Ethereum in 2024, this work is unique. The Ethereum compatible Emblem Vault contains 12 Counterparty single character punytokens and one Namecoin Token pointing to the below emojis. Bonus Counterparty token HALLUCIPHILE.xn--26hy478nznbvh5b14ajb63hj0ala527a59b


Token ID: 25

Smart Contract: 0x184ddb67E2EF517f6754F055b56905f2A9b29b6A

Token Standard: ERC-721

Blockchain: Ethereum

halluciphile (or Duncan van halluciphile as he is sometimes known) is an experimental sonic artist and musician. Born in 1980, this xillennial followed his calling at an early age by pursuing collage, digital art and psychedelics as well as fortifying a multidisciplinary career including web design. He embraced blockchain technology in 2012, and he had formulated plans for his own token system by 2014. That year, he registered many emoji domains as punycode entries on the Namecoin blockchain as well as a mixtape titled (m/eow).

He joined the RarePepe community in 2017 and took an active role in other early collections such as Bitcorns, Mafiawars, and KaleidoscopeXCP. He was also the developer behind TheWojakWay.

In 2022, halluciphile was welcomed into the Punycodes community and he registered new punycodes on Namecoin whilst working with the Punycodes DAO on ways for the project to embody his original aspiration for the collection. 

For him, the new Punytoken collection was an opportunity to combine the iconography of the digital age with the empowerment that self publishing tokenized art can provide.

In January 2024, he created two commemorative pieces and is excited to share them with an audience who appreciates the forward trajectory this artist has been on by living on the edge of technology and art.

πŸŒˆβ™»πŸ‘›πŸŽΆπŸ“πŸŽ°πŸ“‚πŸƒπŸŠπŸ–πŸš°πŸ˜Š were the emojis for the first dozen punycodes registered by halluciphile on March 9th of 2014. After manually renewing these for a few years he abandoned the Namecoin blockchain for Counterparty where ownership does not expire. The original namecoin registrations expired and were re-registered but a new β€˜string’ token for all 12 symbols together. d/xn--26hy478nznbvh5b14ajb63hj0ala527a59 was created under a new namecoin token and a Counterparty token to ensure longevity. Each of the new individual CounterParty tokens are illustrated pngs linked to IPFS and clearnet files in the metadata.