Natural History, including Apex the Stegosaurus

Natural History, including Apex the Stegosaurus

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"Lightning Preserved in Glass"

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Fulgurite — "Lightning Preserved in Glass"

Sahara Desert, Egypt

11⅜ x 2 x 1¾ inches (28.9 x 5.1 x 4.6 cm), 12½ inches (31.8 cm) tall on stand. 144 g (.32 lb).

Named for the Latin word for lightning ("fulgur"), fulgurite forms when lightning strikes the earth, causing the ground—in this case, the sand of the Sahara desert—to sinter and vitrify, creating long rods of silica glass. This long and lightweight specimen may be reminiscent of tree bark, but it is in fact the physical manifestation of lightning, beautifully captured and preserved.