Natively Digital: An Ordinals Curated Sale

Natively Digital: An Ordinals Curated Sale

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FAR for Taproot Wizards

Genesis Cat

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January 22, 07:05 PM GMT


15,000 - 20,000 USD

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FAR for Taproot Wizards

Genesis Cat

Inscription 54,332,480

PNG inscribed on Bitcoin

Executed in 2024, this work is a 1/1 from the Quantum Cat collection and inscribed in 2024.

Creation transaction: 30a89b436feef5a8cdb2ee4c77550dd795f82d58061bb8980b4d266debb0f147

SAT number: 1867778363409904

SAT creation year: 2024

Blockchain: Bitcoin

The artist

FAR (Francisco Alarcon) is an artist and engineer exploring the intersection of visual arts and technology. His research delves into the material history of computer-generated graphics, examining digital imaging from historical and conceptual perspectives. He investigates computer simulations and visualizations, focusing on their impact on our understanding of the physical world through film, video games, and virtual worlds.

In 2023, Taproot Wizards made a significant impact in the Bitcoin world by inscribing the largest block in Bitcoin's 15-year history with a 4MB wizard image. This bitcoin-native collection, featuring art by FAR, reignited the spirit of creativity and innovation within Bitcoin culture, helping to restore a sense of magic to Bitcoin.

Genesis Cat is the only 1/1 artwork within the Quantum Cat collection. Quantum Cats will be the first public collection released by the legendary Bitcoin Ordinals brand Taproot Wizards. The Quantum Cats aim to inspire a new generation to embrace innovation on Bitcoin. The collection invokes elements of retro style, cosmic imagery, and Bitcoin lore to create 3,333 playful cats that will evolve alongside the Bitcoin protocol itself.