Natively Digital: An Ordinals Curated Sale

Natively Digital: An Ordinals Curated Sale

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Asprey Studio

Asprey Bugatti Crown Egg Number 10

Lot Closed

January 22, 07:14 PM GMT


30,000 - 50,000 USD

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Asprey Studio

Asprey Bugatti Crown Egg Number 10 

Inscription -208,194

Generative art

Executed in 2023, this parent child, cursed inscription is unique and numbers 1-10 are gold eggs, from a generative art series of 111 unique iterations and inscribed in 2023.

The Asprey Bugatti physical Egg is claimable by the owner of the ordinal, made by Asprey in London. 

Creation transaction: 407ef865d6529365906eb70ebef4008709ef13efca4cca128e6bd3d5babc1c72

SAT number: 1935408750000000

SAT creation year: 2023

Blockchain: Bitcoin

Sat Features: Uncommon

The Asprey Studio

In February 2023, Asprey Studio & Bugatti released a generative art series linked to physical objets on Ordinals. Each Ordinal grants the right to claim the corresponding physical objet. The present work represents the final edition from the gold eggs, Number 10, and comes with unique physical attributes.

Asprey Bugatti Crown Egg Number 10 :

Ordinal details: 

The digital artwork matches the physical egg perfectly.

Dynamic lighting that highlights the oval shape and motion of the lights for each of the eggs is unique to each egg. They can be viewed by anyone in the world, and they will see the same unique lighting for that particular egg.

At three specific times each week the egg eclipses exactly at the same time. Before and after these times, all the eggs have Recursive art fully on chain.

The artwork is interactive. Press space bar for skeleton version.

The artwork is space efficient, less than 500 bytes.

Art by Alastair Walker. Coded by Metagood.

Physical Asprey Bugatti Crown Egg (claimable) details:


The egg lattice is silver gilt

Diamond set (41 diamonds)

The elephants are silver gilt

The stand is sterling silver with matte finish

The egg shell is carbon fibre

Front of the egg opens revealing a precious metal interior


Bugatti Molsheim mansion, sterling silver

Type 41 Royale Bugatti in sterling silver

Encased in brass inner egg shell

More details: