Fine & Rare Whisky

Fine & Rare Whisky

Fine & Rare Whisky

We are currently consigning items for this auction. Should you wish to include your property in this sale, please feel free to contact our specialists for a complimentary and confidential valuation.


Please note that bidders are required to provide government issued photo identification. For certain lots, deposits may be required. Sotheby’s has sole discretion to request deposits and cancel bids if requirements are not met by bidders.


Under the law of Singapore, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.


Please note: Sotheby’s cannot assist with international shipping of Wine & Spirits from Singapore auctions.


Please note Goods and Services Tax is applicable to the purchase price and other services charge payable by the buyer. For more information, please refer to the Guide to Buyers and Conditions of Business.

請注意,商品和服務稅(Goods and Services Tax,簡稱GST)適用於買家應支付的購買價格和其他服務費。有關更多資訊,請參閱買家重要通知和業務規則指南。


Ullages (Level of Wine or Spirit)

For bottles with defined shoulders the ullage/level is indicated, if applicable, by its relative position in the bottle.

Our interpretations are as follows:

u. - ullage/ullages (levels)

bn. - bottom neck; completely acceptable for any age of wine or spirit

vts. - very top shoulder; completely acceptable for any age of wine or spirit

ts. - top shoulder; usual level for wines or spirits over 15 years old

hs. - high shoulder; typical reduction through the cork, usually no problem

ms. - mid shoulder; usually some deterioration of the cork and therefore some variation

Example: (u. 3hs) means 3 bottles ullaged to high shoulder.

For Burgundy, German and other wines in bottles with sloping necks the ullage is indicated in

centimetres, measured from the base of the cork.

Example: (u. 2x5cm) means 2 bottles ullaged 5 centimetres.

Fully branded cork indicates the producer, vineyard and vintage are legible on the cork.

Branded cork indicates that the cork is branded with either the producer, wine and/or vintage being legible on the cork.

Sotheby’s does not indicate levels under 3 cm in the necks of the bottles inspected.

Parcel is a group of lots of the same type and quantity of wine.

Sotheby’s does not comment on either back labels or importer labels

Bottle Sizes:

hb. - half bottle - imperial pint

hf.ltr. - half litre

bt 70 - 70cl

bt 50 - 50cl

bt 5 - 5cl

bt 1 - 1cl

bt(s). - bottle(s)

ltr. - litre

mag. - magnum

m-j. - marie-jeanne

d.mag. - double magnum

jero. - jeroboam

reho. - rehoboam

imp. - imperial

meth. - methuselah

salm. - salmanazar

balth. - balthazar

nebu. - nebuchadnezzar

melr. - melchior


(cn) carton

(oc) original carton

(ot) original tube

(owc) original wooden case

(opc) original presentation


(nop) no original packaging

(sc) Sotheby’s carton

(brl) barrel

(hgh) hogshead

(wc) wooden case


[ ] believed e.g. [1970] believed 1970

cm. centimetres

bt(s) bottle(s)

For assistance with bidding and registration, please contact:

+65 6732 8239

For all sale enquiries please contact:

George Lacey | | +852 2822 5501

Director, Head of Wine, Asia

Paul Wong | | +852 2822 5541

Director, Head of Wine & Spirits, China

Jacky Chan | | +852 2822 8173

Deputy Director, Specialist, Wine & Spirits

Freeman Ho | | +852 2822 5595

Deputy Director, Specialist, Spirits

Nicole Lui | | +852 2822 5522

Junior Specialist, Wine

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