Natively Digital: Oddly Satisfying

Natively Digital: Oddly Satisfying

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b. 1982

Smile or Die

Non-fungible Token ERC-721

smart contract address: 0x071E531f1Bc98226eaF1478B7117c1B8aCdb750b

token ID: 1

metadata: MP4

Minted in 2023, ed. 1/1.

The artist.

Zigor is a renown contemporary artist specialized in digital art.

Zigor was born in the 80's in a small town in the Basque Country, in a convulsive social and cultural time. With a curious and imaginative nature, since he was a child he felt the need to express himself through his creations. He experimented with plastic arts and noble materials until he found in digital art his true way of expression.

At the age of 20 he moved to Barceolona, where he combined his studies with precarious jobs, while dedicating all the free hours he had left to perfect his true passion: the creation of characters.

Over time, and in a self-taught way, he ended up creating his own style, for which he is internationally recognized. During his time working in the world of animation and advertising, he has worked with companies such as Nickelodeon, Wicked and Prada.

In 2020 he sold his first NFT and, since then, he has not stopped progressing as a digital artist reaping numerous successes and loyal collectors who love his characteristic style that perfectly combines sweetness and friendly punk with an artistic and technical quality of the highest level.

Zigor has exhibited his works all over the world: NFT NYC, Artbabel Madrid, Awwwards Amsterdam, OFFF Sevilla, BoulevArt Dubai and now in Paris, with his work Smile or Die, exclusively for Sotheby's.

"Molotov Smile or Die is an artistic satire on toxic positivity by digital artist Zigor. A series of moving paintings fighting against the dangerous, exacerbated toxic positivism that reigns in today's society, in constant pursuit of happiness. Smile or Die focuses on the cliché phrases that blame the cosmos or the destiny, eliminating from the equation the responsibility, abilities or context of the person. Toxic positivism is contraindicated for human beings as it has direct consequences on their mental health. With Smile or Die, Zigor aims to put the focus on these dangers, inviting the observer's reflection and the elimination of filters in life and social networks. Through this work Zigor wants to vindicate the right to be and to be a sad, angry, bitter and a stale person."