Natively Digital: Oddly Satisfying

Natively Digital: Oddly Satisfying

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March 24, 03:09 PM GMT


2,000 - 3,000 EUR

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Arben Vllasaliu

b. 1991


Non-fungible Token ERC-721

smart contract address:


token ID: 1

metadata: MP4

Minted in 2023, ed. 1/1.

The artist.

"Living in harmony with yourself and thoughts leads you to creativity and productivity. When you're in tune with yourself, you will tap into your creative potential and express yourself completely. This will help you to discover new talents or interests in your life, and find greater satisfaction in your work.

Being in harmony with yourself can also lead to a better relationships, you will attract more positive and supportive people around you. You will also be better and able to talk through your needs and boundaries, and you will be less likely to tolerate toxic or unhealthy relationships in your life because you're harmonius"

Arben Vllasaliu is a highly accomplished visual and 3D artist based on the Republic of Kosovo. With over twelve years of experience in the animation and graphic design industry, he has developed an impressive skill set and a keen eye for detail that has enabled him to deliver top notch projects for leading companies worldwide.

After gaining invaluable experience working for various leading companies, Arben made the bold decision to embark on a solo career as a freelance visual and 3D artist. This move proved to be a game changer as he was able to work with numerous international brands such as Ford, Twitter, Burberry, Gucci, Samsung, American Express, Universal Music Group, Drew House and Wacom, among others.

What sets Arben apart is his dedication to creating animations that serve a purpose beyond mere entertainment. His work has been known to help individuals dealing with OCD and Anxiety, providing them with a source of relaxation and relief. He is deeply committed to using his skills to create content that has a positive impact on people's lives.

Arben's animations have amassed a massive following on social media, particularly Instagram, His work has also been featured on Instagram's official account, further cementing his position as a leading figure in the art industry.

One aspect of Arben's work that often goes unnoticed is the sheer amount of math and calculation that goes into his projects. His animations are meticulously crafted, and he pays careful attention to every detail, ensuring that each frame is perfect. He is also a firm believer that the most important part of his work is the process of creating it. He takes pride in his craft and derives immense satisfaction from the creative process.

Recently, Arben has delved into the world of cryptoart, where he has been focusing on creating animations specifically tailored for this exciting new medium. With his passion for creating visually stunning and meaningful content, it's no surprise that he has already made a name for himself in this field.

Arben Vllasaliu is a highly skilled and dedicated visual and 3D artist who has made a significant impact in his industry. With his unique style, commitment to using his skills for a greater purpose, and dedication to his craft, it's safe to say that he has a bright future ahead of him.