Natively Digital: Oddly Satisfying

Natively Digital: Oddly Satisfying

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March 24, 03:55 PM GMT


4,000 - 5,000 EUR

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Raphael Erba

b. 1985


Non-fungible Token ERC-721

smart contract address: 0x944f2b9acd4f90B8CF8EA8814441e3710d3dd110

token ID: 8

metadata: MP4

Minted in 2023, ed. 1/1.

The artist.

Raphael Erba is a motion designer, illustrator and animator from Lyon.

He created his audiovisual production company in March 2006, Alchimeo.

He directs, animates, plays and creates special effects in short films between two performances for clients.

He started NFT in March 2021, where he was able to make his first sales, mainly on the Foundation platform, then on Superrare.

Then at the "Natively Digital 1.2" auction organized by Sotheby's in October 2021, and at the first NFT auction in France in March 2022 with FauveParis.

Technically, visually or in the narration, he likes to tell stories through animated loops, and tries to create something new with each animation.

His subjects of predilections are mainly oriented around origami, Japanese aesthetics and the relationship to time, but also childhood, through small animations inspired by his 5 years old daughter.

"The yin and the yang are the two energies composing the world, and which in a perpetual motion, create the fundamental elements of alchemy: water, air, fire and earth."

This work is part of the "Elemental Shapes" serie.