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Magnificent Jewels I

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The Mogok Sunrise

Ruby and Diamond Ring | 「莫谷驕陽」 5.05克拉 天然「緬甸鴿血紅」未經加熱紅寶石 配 鑽石 戒指

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The Mogok Sunrise

Ruby and Diamond Ring


5.05克拉 天然「緬甸鴿血紅」未經加熱紅寶石 配 鑽石 戒指

Set with a cushion-shaped ruby weighing 5.05 carats, flanked to each side by a cushion-shaped diamond weighing 1.06 and 1.04 carats respectively, mounted in platinum and 18 karat yellow gold, size 5 ¾ .

Accompanied by SSEF report no. 123679, dated 13 July 2022 stating that the ruby is of Burmese origin, with no indications of heating, the colour of this ruby may also be called 'pigeon blood red'. Further accompanied by SSEF Appendix Letter stating that “The described ruby exhibits a remarkable size and weight of 5.054ct, combined with an attractive and vivid red colour and a fine purity… The inclusions found are consistent with those found in rubies from the reputed ruby mines in Burma (Myanmar)… include the classical mines in the Mogok valley… A natural ruby from Burma of this size and quality can be considered rare and exceptional.” Also accompanied by Gübelin report no. 22082137, dated 25 August 2022, stating that the ruby is of Burmese origin, tradecolour pigeon blood red, with no indications of heating. Further accompanied by Gübelin Appendix Letter stating that “The 5.05ct natural ruby described… is an extraordinarily large gem from these famed Burmese mines (of Mogok) and possesses a combination of outstanding characteristics. It displays a homogeneous and richly saturated colour, which typifies the finest of these gems. In addition, this remarkable gemstone has been spared of thermal treatment, making this ruby a truly unique rarity.” Also accompanied by Gübelin Gemstone Rating Card stating that the ruby is exceptional and scores 100.0 Gübelin points.

Further accompanied by AGL report no. 1124909, dated 10 August 2022, stating that the ruby is of Burmese origin, with no gemmological evidence of heat and no clarity enhancement. Also accompanied by AGL Jewelfolio™ stating that '... this fine gem exhibits a vividly brilliant "Pigeon's Blood" color that distinguishes a top Burmese ruby."

Further accompanied by GIA reports no. 7386058696 and no. 7386633160, dated 15 April 2021 and 19 May 2021 respectively, stating that the 1.06 and 1.04 carat diamonds are both D Colour, Internally Flawless.

The Mogok Sunrise


Originating from the corundum family, rubies have been long regarded as the “king of precious stones” in Sanskrit, which they call the “Ratnaraj”. One of the most prominent locations for the finest rubies is Burma; in particular, the valley of Mogok has been a legendary source of gemstones for over a thousand years. Classical mines such as these as well as smaller deposits in Namya were famed for their deep red beauty, which came to be known as “pigeon blood red”. These were the most treasured shades of ruby, as the gemstone would display an intensely saturated red hue without any secondary colours. Named the Mogok Sunrise, this 5.05-carat ruby displays a captivating hue, tone and saturation balance that is coupled together with an exceptional clarity, which is characteristic of the highest quality rubies. Without any heat treatment, the natural beauty of the stone radiates from within as a fiery red sparkle.

紅寶石是一種剛玉,在梵文中被稱為「Ratnaraj」,亦即「寶石之王」。緬甸自古以來一直是頂級紅寶石的重要產地,而抹谷山谷更是盛產紅寶石的傳奇地方。除了抹谷以外,面積較小的緬甸那米亞產區同樣以出產「鴿血紅」而聞名於世。「鴿血紅」呈濃郁鮮艷的紅色,並無任何二次色,是紅寶石中最珍貴的色調。這顆 5.05 克拉的紅寶石「抹谷破曉」未經加熱處理,色調均勻飽滿、質地清透純淨,由內散發出火紅光芒,將頂級紅寶石的特徵表露無遺,教人目眩不已。