Glitch: Beyond Binary

Glitch: Beyond Binary

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Luis Ponce

The Loss of Tangibility

Lot Closed

April 26, 06:27 PM GMT


30,000 - 45,000 USD

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Luis Ponce

The Loss of Tangibility

non-fungible token ERC-721

Minted in 2023, 1/1.

smart contract address: 0x4d8b980571b402782c2fceba6ba0cf7ab4e84ddac11e2f442e443dd39657f881  

token ID: 43910

medium: mp4

3840 X 2160 pixels 

60 frames per second - 12 seconds - 720 frames

Original audio by Franchueca 

View the high resolution piece here:

Minted by Luis Ponce in 2023.

Luis Ponce’s work is an existentialist exploration through playful and bizarre imagery, he explores the unsettling aspect of our everyday reality, and identity in the post-human condition.

Ponce's work creates dynamic, multi-layered compositions that experiment with several techniques, from digital painting, frame-by-frame animation, 3d modeling, geometric patterns, and abstract animations generated with data flow environments or rule-based system nodes, his aesthetics include neo-expressionism, post-internet, post-digital pop, glitch, and noise.