Glitch: Beyond Binary

Glitch: Beyond Binary

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Afonso Caravaggio

Modern Renaissance - Chaos Postmen

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April 26, 06:30 PM GMT


20,000 - 30,000 USD

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Afonso Caravaggio

Modern Renaissance - Chaos Postmen 

non-fungible token ERC-721

Minted in 2023, 1/1.

smart contract address: 0xe250Fc2a1daa6EB6713c572995e832E4A8B87360

token ID: 1

medium: mp4

Minted by Afonso Caravaggio in 2023.

Afonso Caravaggio is an Italian-Brazilian artist, artistic director, and analog enthusiast. In his practice, he usually reconstructs works of ancient art by inserting contemporary elements, glitch emulators and analog synths, playing with the contrasts of different eras and at the same time looking for their analogies. Hence the concept of “Modern Renaissance” (name of his artistic project born in 2017); conceived as a meeting between the old and the new and expressed through works that reproduce characters and scenarios typical of ancient art contaminated by technology and iconography of our days.