John James Audubon | The working manuscript for Audubon's favorite, and the most American, bird

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John James Audubon

Autograph manuscript, a significant portion of the original description of "The Wild Turkey | Meleagris Gallopavo," (Plate 1 of The Birds of America, also published as the first chapter of Ornithological Biography). [N.D., but circa 1830]

6 pages, folio (412 x 265 mm). Two leaves watermarked "J. Whatman 1829" and "J. Whatman 1830," comprising approximately 3,500 words (approximately 17 paragraphs), with many authorial emendations and deletions, penciled notes by William MacGillivray in about six places, and one page with five brief notes in ink by MacGillivray, one leaf loosely inserted, others on tabs; two pages with light stains, two small marginal tears neatly repaired. — [Bound after:] William MacGillivray. Autograph manuscript of the complete description of "The Wild Turkey," being a fair copy. [Edinburgh: circa 1834-35]. 11 pages, folio (418 x 263 mm). Paper watermarked "Fellows 1829," comprising approximately 6,000 words, paginated 9-19, titled at the top of page 9. — [With:] Autograph letter, explaining that "the accompanying mss. is, so far as can be determined, part of the original draft for the article by John J. Audubon ... written in Edinburgh in 1834-35. ..."