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Contemporary Discoveries

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Property from an Iconic Digital Art Collection

Tyler Hobbs

Fidenza #203

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July 19, 02:40 PM GMT


70,000 - 100,000 USD

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Property from an Iconic Digital Art Collection

Tyler Hobbs

b. 1987

Fidenza #290 PNG, 2400 x 2000 pixels

Executed in 2021, this work is unique from a long form generative art series of 999 unique iterations. The official signed print remains available to the purchaser upon request directly from the artist's website.

Token ID: 78000290 Smart Contract: 0xa7d8d9ef8d8ce8992df33d8b8cf4aebabd5bd270

Token Standard: ERC-721

Blockchain: Ethereum

Minted by mickey


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Tyler Hobbs, based in Austin, is one of the leading figures in the contemporary generative art scene. Released in June 2021, the Fidenza project rapidly grew into one of the most highly regarded generative art projects to date. Following in the technical footsteps of artists like Roman Verostko and Vera Molnar, Hobbs’ creates visual frameworks algorithmically and plays with variations within them. Each artwork is entirely unique based on a series of 999 outputs, with each work bearing the artist's recognizable ''flow field'' that conveys this vivid movement to the composition spanning a variety of colors, from vibrant colors to black and white or monochrome. The scale also defines the level of detail applied in the composition, dramatizing this sensation of movement. Fidenzas are a quintessential example of how the randomized process of generative art can produce results that are perfectly balanced.

Hobbs relates his work to the system-based practices of artists like Sol LeWitt and Agnes Martin, who took similarly methodical approaches to mark-making.