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An incised grey pottery cup, Dawenkou culture, c. 2500 BC 大汶口文化 灰陶刻紋高足盃

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An incised grey pottery cup,

Dawenkou culture, c. 2500 BC

大汶口文化 灰陶刻紋高足盃

The dating of this lot is consistent with the results of Oxford Authentication Ltd, thermoluminescence test C102h67.


h. 33.3 cm

With a distinctive silhouette and subtly incised with geometrical symbols, the present pottery cup probably belongs to the category of ritual objects, which became popular among the upper class in the late Neolithic period. It is believed that such items were used in ancestral ceremonies, banquets, warfare and burial rituals, to display the social status and power of the owners. 

A similar Dawenkou-culture grey pottery example is illustrated in Liu Liang-yu, A Survey of Chinese Ceramics, vol. 1: Early Wares: Prehistoric to Tenth Century, Taipei, 1991, p. 24 (bottom). See also a slightly shorter Dawenkou black pottery example excavated from Pei county in Jiangsu, included in Ceramics Gallery of the Palace Museum, vol. I: The Neolithic Period to Five Dynasties, Beijing, 2021, no. 029.