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Yang Yong X Yi Bang Cheng Art Education, 杨勇X艺邦成艺术教育

Yang Yong X Yi Bang Cheng Art Education 杨勇X艺邦成艺术教育 | Tiger Epic III 老虎史詩 III

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 Yang Yong X Yi Bang Cheng Art Education


Tiger Epic III

acrylic on canvas

each: 100 by 100 cm

overall: 200 by 100 cm (diptych)




老虎史詩 III



每件: 100 x 100 公分

全作:200 x 100 公分


Inspired by the WWF Tiger Trail, I invited 33 young painters (aged 7-15) of Yibangcheng Art Education to create this meaningful project. The teachers set the creative direction and prototype, then left a lot of creative space for the students. Through discussions about tigers, students were guided to consider different perspectives and come up with their own interpretation of the tiger and create.


Graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Yang Yong is Deputy Director of Shenzhen Artists Association Art Planning Committee, Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Photographers Association, and Founder of Shangqi Art. He has won international accolades and his works are collected by galleries, art centres and private collectors internationally.

The 33 participating children from Yibangcheng Art Education are: Mao Zixiang, Ma Yining, Feng Enxi, Zeng Mila, Wu Ruitao, Xiao Liuchen, Wang Siqi, Qiu Junhao, Lin Jianzhi, LuoHaochen, Yu Dingqi, Ke Hui, Wen Lin Yu, Zhang Xufei, Huang Baoyun, Chen Yuqian, Wang Haotian, Qin Zhanshu, Song Yumo, Wu Sanchuan, Han Yucheng, Han Yuxi, SongYouran, Liu Zihan, Xie Guofu, Chen Zerui, Gao Ruixi, Gao Ruilin, Wan Yudong, YanRuixuan, Yan Ruina, Xie Wanting, and Wei Junlu.