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Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood 羅尼・伍德 | Save Us 救救我們

Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood 羅尼・伍德 | Save Us 救救我們

Ronnie Wood 羅尼・伍德 | Save Us 救救我們

Ronnie Wood

b. 1947

Save Us

signed (at neck)

acrylic paint on fiberglass with internal armature

220 by 70 by 60 cm







220 x 70 x 60 公分


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The piece is meant to bluntly and directly remind the world of the imminent demise of the tiger, hoping to bring stark awareness to people of the critical situation facing us regarding the fragility of their preservation.


Ronnie Wood is the legendary Guitarist with The Rolling Stones – a Musician, Songwriter, and Artist who was classically trained at Ealing Art College. Ronnie has continued painting, drawing and printmaking for over 35 years throughout his musical career – first as a member of the Jeff Beck Group, then the Faces, and since 1975 the Rolling Stones. He has had many exhibitions worldwide, including solo shows in New York, Las Vegas and Tokyo, as well as a retrospective at the Modern Art Museum in Sao Paulo and the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. His work hangs in many collections, including past US President Bill Clinton and Andrew Lloyd Webber.




羅尼・伍德是著名滾石樂隊的吉他手,這位傳奇音樂人、唱作人兼藝術家年輕時曾在伊靈藝術學院(Ealing Art College)接受傳統訓練,在隨後超過35年的音樂生涯裡,即使先後加入Jeff Beck Group、Faces,以及在1975年成為滾石樂隊一員,他依然繼續創作繪畫、素描與版畫。伍德曾在世界各地舉辦展覽,包括紐約、拉斯維加斯及東京個展,以及聖保羅現代藝術博物館及搖滾名人堂的回顧展。其作品廣獲珍藏,藏家包括美國前總統克林頓及英國音樂劇作家愛安德魯・萊・韋伯。