The Unburnable Book

The Unburnable Book

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Sold to Benefit PEN America

Margaret Atwood | The Unburnable Book

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June 7, 06:01 PM GMT


50,000 - 100,000 USD

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Margaret Atwood 

The Unburnable Book. The Fireproof edition of The Handmaid’s Tale benefitting PEN America. Toronto: Penguin Random House and The Gas Company Inc., 2022 

8vo. Printed on black-and-white-coated aluminum Cinefoils, used in film production to wrap hot lights, which are stable to 660°C/1220°F, textblock hand-sewn with nickel wire, often used in electrical components, which is stable to 1400°C/2,600°F, head and tail bands are woven stainless steel, used in aerospace manufacturing, which are stable up to 1530°C/2790°F. Boards 3mm phenolic sheets, used in electronics manufacturing, which are stable to 540°F/282°C, opaque white and CMYK printing produced on an OKI five-colour digital press, with inks stable to 1200°C/2200°F.  

All materials were tested by fire during manufacturing to validate these specifications.