View full screen - View 1 of Lot 42. A fine honkozane maru-do gusoku [armour] | Edo period, 18th century.

A fine honkozane maru-do gusoku [armour] | Edo period, 18th century

A fine honkozane maru-do gusoku [armour] | Edo period, 18th century

A fine honkozane maru-do gusoku [armour] | Edo period, 18th century

A fine honkozane maru-do gusoku [armour] 

Edo period, 18th century

the black lacquered three-plate iron bowl in Etchu zunari [head-shape] form, plain black lacquer mabisashi [peak], the small fukigaeshi [turnbacks] in stenciled Dutch leather, copper-gilt fukurin [ornamental border], five-tiered black lacquer manju shikoro [rounded neck guard] in kiritsuke-kozane [false lamellae] with kebiki odoshi [close-spaced lacing] in orange braid, gold and black lacquered wood zutate [top crest] in the form of an adze [chisel head], gold, black and red lacquered maedate [forecrest] in the form of a shigami, applied with yak hair, inset eyes, the richly patinated russet iron ryubu men [face mask with noble expression] forged with smooth unwrinkled face and open mouth, detachable nose plate, silver inlaid moustache and chin tuft, four-tiered yodaregake [throat protector] in kiritsuke kozane, the nodawa [throat guard] in honkozane [true lamellae], black lacquered honkozane maru-do [rounded cuirass], the muna-ita decorated in stenciled Dutch leather, copper-gilt fukurin, seven tiered sode [shoulder guard], black lacquered iron plate shino-gote [sleeves] joined in kuiai-gusari chainmail weave, reverse with gold and black lacquer sashimono [standard] modeled as three narrow leaves of the barin [iris], seven tassets of four-tiered kusazuri [skirt], horse hair edging, all components laced in matching braid, black lacquer and silk brocade haidate [thigh guards], shino suneate [shin guards], with an armour display stand, two armour storage boxes and leather covers 

Mounted on the armour storage box: approx. 150 cm., 59 in. high (excluding fittings and standard)

The armour storage box: each 53.5 x 41.5 x 38.5 cm., 21⅛ x 16⅜ x 15⅛ in. 

Overall this armour is in good condition consistent with age and use, the iron face mask is in good condition with some slight wear to the silver inlay moustache and some minor chips around the mouth, the nodawa with some lacquer losses to the front and to the reverse, a few small pieces of a lamellae are missing to the throat protector, the cuirass, shoulder guards and skirt in good condition with some slight fading to the orange braid, the thigh guards with some wear to the brocade and linen lining, the sleeves with some small areas of chain link detached and wear to the silk lining, the fittings with some old wear and minor damages.

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