Snowed In: A Rare Pudgy Penguins Sale

Snowed In: A Rare Pudgy Penguins Sale

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The Igloo Company

Pudgy Penguin #6344

Lot Closed

November 30, 07:04 PM GMT


9,000 - 12,000 USD

Lot Details


Pudgy Penguins

Pudgy Penguin #6344


Properties: Vote 4 Pudgy (2% have this trait); Cute Face Trait (7% have this trait); None Head Trait (3% have this trait); Cream Skin (7% have this trait)

Token: ERC-721

Minted: July 22, 2021

Contract Address: 0xBd3531dA5CF5857e7CfAA92426877b022e612cf8

Token ID: 6344

Alongside the iconic Penguin, Penguin #4609, there is a plethora of other rare Penguins that accompany this auction. Ranging from ultra rare gold pieces such as Penguin #6615, to Penguins included in the highly anticipated Pudgy Toyline like Penguin #7315, joining The Huddle and owning a Pudgy Penguin makes you a part of Web3 history.