View full screen - View 1 of Lot 6. The San Bo Gui, Western Zhou dynasty, early 9th century BC | 西周 公元前九世紀初 散伯簋.

The San Bo Gui, Western Zhou dynasty, early 9th century BC | 西周 公元前九世紀初 散伯簋

Important Archaic Bronzes from the Collection of Albert Y.P. and Sara K.S. Lee

The San Bo Gui, Western Zhou dynasty, early 9th century BC | 西周 公元前九世紀初 散伯簋

The San Bo Gui, Western Zhou dynasty, early 9th century BC | 西周 公元前九世紀初 散伯簋

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The San Bo Gui

Western Zhou dynasty, early 9th century BC

西周 公元前九世紀初 散伯簋

cast to the interior of the vessel and cover with a twelve-character inscription reading San Bo zuo Ze Ji bao gui qi wan nian yong yong (2)


散伯作夨姬寶簋 其萬年永用

Width 12⅞ in., 32.7 cm

In overall good condition with some minor expected age-appropriate wear. The vessel has a few tiny apertures near one handle of the vessel. The cover has a small gap and a few minor apertures to the lip. X-Ray images available upon request.


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Reputedly discovered in Fengxiang, Shaanxi Province, during the mid-Guangxu period.

Collection of a governor of Fengxiang, by 1914.

Collection of Yu Shengwu (1896-1984).

Collection of Count Antoine Seilern (1901-1978).

Christie's London, 17th June 1982, lot 6.



于省吾 (1896-1984) 收藏

Antoine Seilern 伯爵 (1901-1978) 收藏


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British Museum, London, 1970-1980 (on loan).

大英博物館,倫敦,1970至1980年 (借展)