Photographs, Including Works from the Collection of Ernesto Esposito

Photographs, Including Works from the Collection of Ernesto Esposito

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Property from the Collection of Ernesto Esposito

Vanessa Beecroft


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Property from the Collection of Ernesto Esposito

Vanessa Beecroft

b. 1969


mural-sized chromogenic print, framed, 1997, no. 3 in an edition of 3; accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity (2)

image: 102.3 by 152.3 cm (40¼ by 60 in.)

frame: 119 by 170 (46⅞ by 66⅞ in.)


Provenant de la collection d'Ernesto Esposito

Vanessa Beecroft

n. 1969


tirage chromogenique, encadré, 1997, no. 3 d'une édition de 3; signé sur un certificat d’authencité accompagnant l’oeuvre (2)

image: 102.3 x 152.3 cm (40¼ x 60 in.)

cadre: 119 x 170 (46⅞ x 66⅞ in.)

Galleria Lia Rumma, Napoli

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Vanessa Beecroft Performances 1993-2003 (Milan, 2003), pp. 166-7

Eduardo Cicelyn and Mario Codognato, People. Volti, Corpi e Segni Contemporanei dalla Collezione di Ernesto Esposito (Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donna Regina, 2006), p. 25, illustrated

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VB26.021 is the 26th performance from Vanessa Beecroft's ongoing series titled ‘VB’. The performances characteristically explore the relationship between the collective and the individual, as well as human ritual behavior, with her subjects often posing and performing in identical costume.


Beecroft notes: ‘I was struck by a picture of a blonde girl on the packaging of some tights in a department store in Milan and I bought them for the strength of that image. The girl, seen from behind, was only wearing tights. When Lia Rumma invited me to realize a performance in her gallery in Naples I sent the packaging over as my proposal. The girls in Naples would not agree to be nude and the image is not as bold as I imagined. I always allow circumstances to modify my intentions because the material I use is part-artistic and part-social, and I adapt my vision to the pace of the girls’ development’. (Vanessa Beecroft, Vanessa Beecroft Performances 1993-200 (Milan, 2003), p. 161).


Beecroft’s work has bridged the gap between performance art, fashion, and popular culture, collaborating with the likes of Kanye West, Louis Vuitton, and Tods. The models in the present work wear shoes designed by her friend, Ernesto Esposito.