New Wave Beyond Yuanmingyuan: An Important European Private Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art

New Wave Beyond Yuanmingyuan: An Important European Private Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art

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Qiu Zhijie

Qiu Zhijie 邱志杰 | Tattoo II 紋身 II

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October 6, 06:45 AM GMT


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Qiu Zhijie

b. 1969

Tattoo II

chromogenic print

signed in Chinese and Pinyin, titled in English, dated 1994 and numbered 5/10

image: 130 by 105.2 cm.  51⅛ by 41⅜ in.

sheet: 139.8 by 125.6 cm.  55 by 49½ in.

Executed in 1994, this work is number 5 from an edition of 10.




紋身 II




Qiu Zhijie,邱志傑,《Tattoo II》,1994,5/10




圖像:130 x 105.2 公分,51⅛ x 41⅜ 英寸

紙張:139.8 x 125.6 公分,55 x 49½ 英寸

Galerie Loft, Paris

Acquired from the above by the present owner




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A protean multi-media artist, Qiu Zhijie uses photography to stage his own body in his work, covering it with nails or appearing to inoculate various body parts with multicoloured syringes. In Tattoo II, arguably the most famous work from the series and a true icon of Chinese contemporary art, the red character painted on his chest and covering his mouth can be read as “No, you must not”. The word is not layered on top of the image, but instead was painted on his body and the wall, as if prohibition is holding him back against the wall and keeping him tied in place. Qiu has explained the work has a variety of meanings, from harassment to fighting against adversity. It is also a symbol of a generation of artists that are trying to exist in the art world and in society, but who are constantly being constrained.


邱志杰是一位風格多變的藝術家,跨越多種媒界創作,例如在攝影作品中展露自己的身體、或以指甲鋪在身上,或以彩色針劑在身體各部位進行注射。《紋身 II》可謂整個系列中最著名的作品,也是真正的中國當代藝術代表作——邱志杰胸前塗上的紅色大字同時遮住他的嘴巴,彷彿高呼著「不,您不准」。這個「不」字並非以圖像方式疊加,而是直接畫在他身上和牆上,彷彿一道禁令將他捆綁在牆上,將他禁錮在原地。邱志杰解釋,這件作品蘊含各種不同意涵,可以解讀為被騷擾、被欺凌,甚至與逆境抗爭。作品也象徵著一整代藝術家,他們極力在藝術界和社會中求存,卻又無時無刻受到束縛制肘。