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Plaque of Pink Urchins

Plaque of Pink Urchins

Plaque of Pink Urchins

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Plaque of Pink Urchins

Tripneustes parkinsoni, Spatangus sp.

Early Miocene (approx. 18 million years ago)

Lacoste, Luberon, France

18 by 17 inches (45.7 x 43.1 cm). 19¼ inches (48.9 cm) tall on custom base. 45 pounds (20.4 kg).

Approximately 30 light pink and soft gray specimens emerging from their natural limestone matrix.

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Tripneustes is a species of continually grazing "collector urchins". Feeding primarily on the sea floor, their diet consists primarily of algae and seagrass. Spatangus, or "heart urchins", graze mainly on subsurface detritus, and exhibit bilateral symmetry in their elongated oval form.

It is unusual to find Spatangus in association with Tripneustes, greatly adding to the value and appeal of the gorgeous fossil plaque offered here.