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View full screen - View 1 of Lot 269. A large pair of white jade 'immortals' screens, Qing dynasty, late 19th century   | 清十九世紀末 白玉群仙祝壽圖插屏一對.

Property of a Lady of Title

A large pair of white jade 'immortals' screens, Qing dynasty, late 19th century | 清十九世紀末 白玉群仙祝壽圖插屏一對

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Property of a Lady of Title

A large pair of white jade 'immortals' screens

Qing dynasty, late 19th century

清十九世紀末 白玉群仙祝壽圖插屏一對

hongmu stands


Height 37 cm, 14⅝ in.

This lot contains endangered species. Sotheby's recommends that buyers check with their own government regarding any importation requirements prior to placing a bid. For example, US regulations restrict or prohibit the import of certain items to protect wildlife conservation. Please note that Sotheby's will not assist buyers with the shipment of this lot to the US. A buyer's inability to export or import these lots cannot justify a delay in payment or sale cancellation. 此編號含有瀕臨絕種物料。蘇富比建議買家在投標之前,先理解有關地方政府的入口限制。如美國為保護野生動物而對有關材質所實行的出入口規條及限制。蘇富比將不會協助此編號運往美國的運輸。買家無權因為未能得到出入口許可而取消拍賣及延遲付款。

Collection of the Earl of Jersey, by descent.


The first panel depicts the god of Longevity Shoulao standing on a pavilion terrace with his companion deer below, while the other depicts the Queen mother’s Xiwangmu as she descents to the Daoist paradise by the yao chi (Jasper pond), on the occasion of her birthday. Each panel is decorated on the reverse with the same design of single Lady immortal set as mirror images, indicating that the two panels were originally conceived as a pair. 

These two panels are well illustrating the imperial style at the Qing court, whereby jade mountains and carved panels should carry the spirit of paintings by famous past masters. Originally advocated by the Qianlong Emperor this precept perpetuated throughout the Qing dynasty. Considered as paintings in stone, jade table screens usually depict scenes from classical, Daoist themes, and idyllic moments in nature. 

Compare a similar table screen in the National Palace Museum, Taipei, included in the museum’s exhibition The Refined Taste of the Emperor, Special Exhibition of Archaic and Pictorial Jades of the Ch’ing Court, 1997, cat. no. 72. See also a pair of similar white jade table screens, sold in our Hong Kong rooms, 1st May 1996, lot 683, as well as two other related pairs of jade panels depicting Daoist immortals, set on gnarled wood stands, sold in our New York rooms, the first 20th October 1988, lot 315, and the other, 24th March 1998, lot 377, the latter pair from the collection of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond.