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Pablo Picasso

Buste de femme accoudée, gris et blanc

Property of a Distinguished Private Collector

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso

Buste de femme accoudée, gris et blanc

Buste de femme accoudée, gris et blanc

Property of a Distinguished Private Collector

Pablo Picasso

1881 - 1973

Buste de femme accoudée, gris et blanc

dated 31.12.38. (lower left); dated 31.12.38. on the stretcher

oil on canvas

61 by 50cm., 24 by 19¾in.

Painted on 31st December 1938.

Claude Picasso has confirmed the authenticity of this work.




1881 - 1973年




61 x 50 公分;24 x 19¾ 英寸



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Estate of the artist

Private Collection (from the above)




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