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Raghav Babbar

Raghav Babbar 拉加夫·巴巴爾 | Memory is a permanent luxury 記憶是永久的奢侈

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August 28, 09:27 AM GMT


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Raghav Babbar


Memory is a permanent luxury 

oil on canvas

signed Babbar, dated 2020, titled Memory is a Permanent Luxury and inscribed oil on canvas 40 x 40 inc. on the reverse

101.5 by 101.5 cm; 40 by 40 in.

painted in 2020


Raghav Babbar





Babbar 2020

Memery is a Permanent Luxury

oil on canvas 40 x 40 inc. (畫背)

101.5 x 101.5 cm; 40 x 40 in.


Raghav Babbar is a young artist of Indian heritage, educated in Singapore, who studied at the royal college of Art in London. His work combines the unique savour of his heritage with many of the artistic techniques and mannerisms of mid 20th century British art. Where many of his contemporaries prefer the obvious convenience of acrylic paints, Babbar’s work is distinctive for his use of oil paints, applied thickly, delighting in the rich surface textures that only that medium offers.

Babbar is essentially a figurative artist, in the sense that he paints the human form as he sees it, yet he is far from literal-minded. For a young artist, his works show a surprisingly mature approach to his sitters. He engages with them closely, and his paintings are imbued with a sense of privacy, of intimacy, being largely of family or friends. As an artist, Raghav Babbar paints his emotions towards things he sees around him. An autobiographical work from which he discovers himself as an artist and develops a deeper connection with his subjects around him and those in his life. Humans are what he finds to best express his feelings on the canvas, allowing him to observe moods and personalities better. The subjects’ actions within moments usually give him the purest display of emotion possible, especially when they are alone. Capturing them in these moments and relaying them to the canvas establishes a connection between the individual and the artist. To him, painting is a discipline where it is easy for him to show how well he knows his subjects.

"Memory is a permanent luxury - A photograph that was taken by my father in 1999 of my mother, brother and me sleeping together. A work that is not only an example of an autobiographical journey but a connection to my early life. Where we all had one room in the family. This work not only brought memories back but told me where we came from and how my parents sacrificed everything for me and my brother. If only I could have painted this when I was three years old I would have for sure. But painting a memory is a luxury." - Raghav Babbar



「《記憶是永久的奢侈》——是父親於1999年拍攝的一幅照片,紀錄母親和我們兩兄弟睡在一起。它不但是一趟回溯人生片段的旅程,更是接連著我與我的童年的時光隧道。那時我們全家人都睡在同一個房間。這幅畫作不僅喚起昔日的回憶,還提醒著我的本源、我的父母如何犧牲一切撫養我們兩兄弟成長。多希望我在三歲時有能力畫出這樣的畫,可以的話我肯定會畫。不過,能夠畫一段回憶,也是幸福的奢侈。」- 拉加夫·巴巴爾