Master Paintings & Sculpture Part I

Master Paintings & Sculpture Part I

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Property from the Descendants of Dr. Anton F. Philips

Giovanni Bellini

The Madonna and Child at a Ledge with an Apple: "The Philips Madonna"

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Property from the Descendants of Dr. Anton F. Philips

Giovanni Bellini

Venice 1435/40 - 1516

The Madonna and Child at a Ledge with an Apple: "The Philips Madonna"

tempera and oil on panel, gold ground

panel: 30 1/4 by 20 7/8 in.; 76.8 by 53 cm. 

framed: 40 1/8 by 31 3/8 in.; 101.9 by 79.7 cm.  




1435/40 - 1516年,威尼斯



畫板:30 1/4 x 20 7/8 英寸;76.8 x 53 公分

連框:40 1/8 x 31 3/8 英寸;101.9 x 79.7 公分

With Dowdeswell Gallery, London, before 1888;
Charles Loeser, Florence, 1888;
From whom acquired by Julius Böhler, Munich, 1913;
From whom acquired by Dr. Anton F. Philips (1874–1951), Eindhoven, 1913;
Thence by descent to the present owner.
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