View full screen - View 1 of Lot 233. The Guo Ji Shi Zi Zu Hu, Late Western Zhou dynasty, late 9th or 8th century BC | 西周末 公元前九世紀末或八世紀 虢季氏子組壺.

The Guo Ji Shi Zi Zu Hu, Late Western Zhou dynasty, late 9th or 8th century BC | 西周末 公元前九世紀末或八世紀 虢季氏子組壺

The Guo Ji Shi Zi Zu Hu, Late Western Zhou dynasty, late 9th or 8th century BC | 西周末 公元前九世紀末或八世紀 虢季氏子組壺

The Guo Ji Shi Zi Zu Hu, Late Western Zhou dynasty, late 9th or 8th century BC | 西周末 公元前九世紀末或八世紀 虢季氏子組壺

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The Guo Ji Shi Zi Zu Hu

Late Western Zhou dynasty, late 9th or 8th century BC

西周末 公元前九世紀末或八世紀 虢季氏子組壺

cast to the interior of the neck with a seventeen-character inscription reading guo ji shi zi zu zuo bao hu zi zi sun sun yong bao qi yong xiang


虢季氏子組作寶壺 子子孫孫永寶其用享

Height 16¾ in., 42.5 cm

Overall in good condition, except for a minor consolidated vertical hairline crack to one side of the body (does not go through). Some expected age-consistent wear and minor casting imperfections, including an original casting patch to the base. X-Ray images available upon request.


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Discovered in Fengxiang county, Shaanxi province, in the Qing dynasty, perhaps in the late Qianlong period (by repute).

Collection of Wu Yun (1811-1883), prior to 1872.

Collection of Li Hongyi (1831-1885).

Collection of Zou An (1864-1940).

American Private Collection.






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福開森 ,《歷代著錄吉金目》,1937年,頁218(器記錄)