Finest Whisky | A Sherry Cask from Macallan Distillery + Samaroli Icons

Finest Whisky | A Sherry Cask from Macallan Distillery + Samaroli Icons

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Macallan Sherry Butt #16500 51.3 abv 1991 (1 BUTT)

Currently 31 Years Old, 528 bottles approx.

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October 21, 12:21 PM GMT


400,000 - 800,000 GBP

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Macallan Sherry Butt #16500 51.3 abv 1991

A sherry butt distilled on 30th September 1991 at The Macallan Distillery, currently 31 years old

AYS: 30/09/1991

Original bulk litres: 497, OLA: 315.9

Original strength: 63.5 abv

Regauged on 03/08/2022:

New bulk litres: 369.77

RLA: 190.07

New strength: 51.3% abv

Estimated bottle yield at cask strength: 528 bottles

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Deep gold

Nose: A lively freshness appears at first with orchard fruits of apples and pears. With time comes roasted nuts, with the fruits turning jammier now, some plum compote, stewed blackcurrants, figs, honey, toffee and thick cut orange marmalade. This really improves with time in the glass, to be expected given the long length of time spent slowly maturing in its sherry butt, rounding out with a delicate hint of sweet spices

Palate: A wonderful honeyed texture, rich and oily with plenty of oomph from the alcohol, the thick-cut marmalade is still there along with a mouthful of chocolate and date pudding, juicy raisins and a little nougat in the back

Finish: The stewed fruits remain leading to a medium, sweet finish - a fantastic example of an over 30 year old Macallan. There’s still plenty of life left in this one and I believe it will improve further if left to mature for even longer in the cask

James Gray, Sotheby's Whisky Specialist

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1 Sherry Butt


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