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Petrus 1959 (2 BT70)

Lots 231 - 238: Petrus 1959 and Mouton Rothschild 1957 from excellent underground Continental storage

Petrus 1959 (2 BT70)

Petrus 1959 (2 BT70)

Petrus 1959


u. 1vts, 1t/hs, 1 label slightly soiled with worn capsule, the other with label soiled and stained, Van de Velde EEKLO embossed capsules, Belgian Bottled, brown glass, back labels state R. C. Gand 3537 cont 70 cl ; 1 étiquette légèrement sale avec capsule usée, l'autre avec étiquette souillée et tachée, capsules estampées Van de Velde EEKLO, embouteillage belge, verre brun, contre étiquettes indique R.C. Gand 3537 cont 70 cl

Glorious scent which I sometimes prefer to the prunes of the 1961. So elegant. Such balance and harmony. Heavenly chocolate flavour. Classic, with everything integrated. Silky magnificence. Sheer breed on the texture - only great growths have this. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

WA 93

2 bt70s (cn)

A show-stopping parcel of Petrus 1959 and Mouton 1957, given to the current owner to celebrate his wedding in the late 1950's. This collection has never been moved since first acquired