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Felix González-Torres

"Untitled" (March 5th) #2

Property from the Collection of the Felix González-Torres Family

Felix González-Torres

Felix González-Torres

"Untitled" (March 5th) #2

"Untitled" (March 5th) #2

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Property from the Collection of the Felix González-Torres Family

Felix González-Torres

1957 - 1996

"Untitled" (March 5th) #2

Light bulbs, porcelain light sockets, and electrical cords

113 in. in height

287 cm.

Executed in 1991, this work is number 9 from an edition of 20, plus 2 artist's proofs.

This work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by the Andrea Rosen Gallery and signed by the artist.

This work is in very good and sound condition overall. All elements are present and stable. All electrical components are in working order. Please note this work uses 120 Volts.

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Acquired directly from the artist by the present owner 

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