View full screen - View 1 of Lot 341. A pair of wucai 'birthday' dishes, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period 清康熙 五彩人物圖折沿盤一對 《大明成化年製》仿款.

A pair of wucai 'birthday' dishes, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period 清康熙 五彩人物圖折沿盤一對 《大明成化年製》仿款

A pair of wucai 'birthday' dishes, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period 清康熙 五彩人物圖折沿盤一對 《大明成化年製》仿款

A pair of wucai 'birthday' dishes, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period 清康熙 五彩人物圖折沿盤一對 《大明成化年製》仿款

A pair of wucai 'birthday' dishes,

Qing dynasty, Kangxi period

清康熙 五彩人物圖折沿盤一對


each base with an apocryphal Chenghua mark

d. 17.2 cm

There are typical firing imperfections to both dishes, including burst bubbles/minor fritting to the rims with associated mild discoloration, and a faint stained body line to the reverse of the 'scholar' dish. The dishes are otherwise in good condition with light surface wear and insignificant nibbles to the footrings.


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Collection of The Hon. Irwin Boyle Laughlin (1871-1941), Meridian House, Washington, D.C.

By descent to his widow, Therese Iselin Laughlin (d. 1958).

By descent to their daughter, Gertrude Laughlin Chanler (1914-1999), Genesco, New York (until 1959).

Sotheby’s London, 30th June 1959, lot 81.

Sotheby’s New York, 1st June 1988, lot 177.

The Meiyintang Collection.

The Hon. Irwin Boyle Laughlin(1871-1941年)收藏,子午樓,華盛頓

其遺孀 Therese Iselin Laughlin 承繼(卒於1958年)

其女兒 Gertrude Laughlin Chanler 承繼(1914-1999年),Genesco,紐約(至1959年)




Regina Krahl, Chinese Ceramics from the Meiyintang Collection, London, 1994-2010, vol. 2, nos 773 - 4.

康蕊君,《玫茵堂中國陶瓷》,倫敦,1994-2010年,卷2,編號773 - 4

Dishes of this type, with butterfly and leaf decoration on the rim and various freely drawn figure scenes in the centre, are believed to have been made for the Kangxi Emperor’s 60th birthday in 1713, and some of them are inscribed with reign marks, but the majority is not.

A similar dish of Kangxi mark and period in the Shanghai Museum is illustrated in Wang Qingzheng, ed., Kangxi Porcelain Wares from the Shanghai Museum Collection, Hong Kong, 1998, pl. 92; another in R.P. Marchant, ‘Some Interesting Pieces of Marked Ch’ing Porcelain’, Bulletin of the Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong, no. 3, 1977-8, pls. 1-3.

A dish with a similar scene of ladies in a garden, pressing fabrics, also from the Laughlin and Chanler collections, was sold together with this pair in our London rooms, 30th June 1959, lot 84; and another dish with a scholar and boy on horseback was sold in our New York rooms, 7th December 1983, lot 362.


上海博物館有相似康熙署款盤例,圖見《上海博物館藏康熙瓷圖錄》,香港,1998年,圖版92; 另有器例收錄於 R.P. Marchant,〈Some Interesting Pieces of Marked Ch’ing Porcelain〉,《香港東方陶瓷學會會刊》,3期,1977-8年, 圖版1-3。

Laughlin and Chanler 舊藏中,另有一盤,上繪仕女圖,與此其中一件拍品相似,同作壓布之貌,跟此對盤同售於倫敦蘇富比1959年6月30日,編號84。另有一同類五彩盤,繪飾文士,並有騎馬男童伴隨,售於紐約蘇富比1983年12月7日,編號362。