Hun Chung Lee

Untitled (rounded-edge stool)

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August 6, 04:25 PM GMT


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Hun Chung Lee

b. 1967

Untitled (rounded-edge stool)

Executed in 2022.

glazed ceramics

16 ½ by 31 by 19 in. (48 by 79 by 28.2 cm.)

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Born in Seoul, South Korea and currently based in both Seoul and Los Angeles, Hun Chung Lee is a master ceramicist. Lee earned his BFA and MFA in ceramic sculpture from sity in Seoul, before moving to the United States to obtain a second MFA in sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute. He then pursued a PhD in Architecture in Korea. The range in Lee’s education speaks to his diverging aesthetic and conceptual interests, alongside his vision to merge the seemingly distinct disciplines of art, design, and architecture into a singular whole. Over the course of his career, Lee created a vast array of functional and collective design works, as well as diminutive ceramic objects, large-scale installations, and multi-part fine works of art. With each new development, Lee maintains a relationship to his Korean cultural heritage, and in particular the long creative history of Korean ceramics. This is especially manifest in his mastery of and ongoing experimentation with celadon glazing.

Lee's approach requires significant engagement with and knowledge of materials and process, given the unpredictability of the media. Lee hand-sculpts his work and applies layers of glaze over the course of several days—then fires works in a traditional, hand-built kiln—exerting the expertise he has honed over 30 years, while also embracing the mystery and surprise of the process. Lee is often inspired by nature, which is present in his delicate color palettes and simple forms. In some instances, Lee seamlessly incorporates concrete and steel into his ceramic works. In his hands, these “cold materials” appear softer, warmer, and more organic. At the same time, the inclusion of these materials adds intricacy and depth to the texture and surface of his sculptural objects. The magic of Hun Chung Lee’s practice is in the harmony that he achieves within each individual work, as well as in the dialogues created across disciplines and cultures.