Property Created for Inaugural Art as Jewelry as Art Auction

Kathleen Vance

Travelling Landscape, Red Reptile

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October 6, 05:10 PM GMT


2,000 - 3,000 USD

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Property Created for Inaugural Art as Jewelry as Art Auction

Kathleen Vance

b. 1977

Travelling Landscape, Red Reptile

2022, signed

1940s vintage red leather box purse, faux foliage, resin, paint, soil, dimmable LED light with button switch and cord with memory setting (energy-efficient and up to 50,000 hours of light)

11 by 10 by 9 in.; 27.9 by 25.4 by 22.8 cm.

Created by the artist expressly for the Sotheby’s inaugural 'Art as Jewelry as Art' Auction, 2022

Kathleen Vance's (b. 1977) Traveling Landscape, Red Reptile is a bucolic landscape nestled inside of a vintage red leather reptile-skin box purse. The illuminated interior takes the form of a magical, miniature scene featuring a lush riverbed and stream, all completely self-contained.

Known for environmental sculptures, Vance transforms travel accessories through the creation of miniature sculpted landscapes with water scenes. The design and look of each case determines the scenery that will be created, activating a longing and desire for that which is most precious.

In considering adornment and the use of accessories to denote luxury travel, Vance has created a magical natural environment contained within a vintage purse. The lushness of the verdant foliage is accentuated by the rich red of the exterior. This piece

is self-illuminated, attracting the gaze to the miniature hillside with a stream — a perfect platform upon which to imagine one’s most precious items displayed.