Property Created for Inaugural Art as Jewlery as Art Auction

Tom Otterness

Kissing Angels

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October 6, 04:44 PM GMT


20,000 - 30,000 USD

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Property Created for Inaugural Art as Jewlery as Art Auction

Tom Otterness

b. 1952

Kissing Angels

2022, unique, signed T.O., stamped 2022, 750, with Carrera casting mark

solid 18k yellow gold pendant in the shape of two angel figures kissing in artist’s style of cone-and-sphere figures, their wings extended behind them; with original cable chain

Pendant: 1⅞ by¾ in.; 4.76 by 1.9 cm.

Chain: 18 in.; 45.7 cm.

Chain Thickness: 3⁄20 in.; .43 cm

Created by the artist expressly for the Sotheby’s inaugural 'Art as Jewelry as Art' Auction, 2022

The works of American sculptor Tom Otterness (b. 1952) decorate parks, subway stations, libraries, international public and private spaces and museums. Invariably huge, humorous, and provocatively playful, his sculptures frequently offer social commentary with a political bite. Otterness is always looking to push the boundaries of the conventional and invite the viewer to get engaged.

This Kissing Angels unique 18k gold pendant necklace is an example of Otterness’ whimsical subversion of tradition and demonstrates why his works are often deemed cheeky or cartoonish. The simple, attractive forms are familiar, recognizable, and comforting to viewers, and the concept of kissing angels is personally significant to Tom and inspired by a smaller work called Guardian Angel. The latter, a work in white metal, was created for Peter Hort and produced on a large scale with all proceeds donated to the Rema Hort Mann Foundation for emerging artists and cancer patients. Kissing Angels is a unique work made for the same purpose. Hort was ‘instrumental in his conception of bringing art to people in the process of healing in hospitals,’ Otterness says, noting that when he designed Kissing Angels, he imagined the angels ‘in the air celebrating life and defying gravity.’

Otterness has created several pieces of jewelry in the past as gifts to family and friends inspired by his larger artworks. Kissing Angels is his first unique piece that was created specifically for Sotheby’s inaugural Art as Jewelry as Art auction.