Art as Jewelry as Art

Art as Jewelry as Art

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Property Created for Inaugural Art as Jewelry as Art Auction

METAGOLDEN | Republiqe

Ethereum Expedition

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October 6, 06:40 PM GMT


7,000 - 10,000 USD

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Property Created for Inaugural Art as Jewelry as Art Auction 

METAGOLDEN x Republiqe

Ethereum Expedition

2022, signed

18k yellow gold, natural green 1.80-ct emerald physical ring concepted and designed by Francine Ballard, of Metagolden and digital twin NFT wearable designed by digital fashion house, Republiqe.

Size: 9 (US)

Created by the artist expressly for the Sotheby’s inaugural 'Art as Jewelry as Art' Auction, 2022

This pairing lends credence to a new channel for creation and authentication: one embodied by the spirit of innovation. NFTS (non-fungible tokens) and the transformative power of blockchain technology and the metaverse speak directly to a nouveau assemblage of collectors who are enterprising, crypto-native, enigmatic and self-sovereign. This faction is adventurous, globally connected and spurred on by a burgeoning cultural revolution.

Existing space programs contemplate intercontinental rocket launches that would transport the traveler directly from New York to Shanghai in just over thirty minutes. There are numerous routes envisioned for point-to-point global space travel to cities that currently entail legs of over sixteen hours via traditional aircraft. These routes and ports are represented here, mapped in the design of the ring and recreated via computer-aided, digitally-constructed architecture. With a nod to the geodesic dome patented by Buckminster Fuller in 1954 and subsequently adopted in design by fine jeweler David Webb, this ring is both a physical prognostication of what is to come and a tribute to illustrious futurists’ blueprint for transit.

The digital representation of the ring is a couture space jumpsuit with matching fascinator and ankle boots in two colourways. Each version has been carefully created in an exquisite gold and emerald coloured digital fabric, uniquely finished in an exclusive moon surface effect finish. They are completed with solid 24ct gold and emerald elements to represent the mapping of stars, constellations and space travel, paring back to compliment the Metagolden ring. The auction winner will be able to redeem their NFT as an exclusive in-game wearable with Decentraland as well as the opportunity to have one of the jumpsuits digitally tailored to a photograph of their choice, to be shared online and amongst friends.

METAGOLDEN creates, conceptualizes and curates ‘phygital’ (physical assets paired with digital ones) art, jewelry and fashion for consumers by way of collaborations between digital creators, artists and luxury brands.

Republiqe is the metaverse-ready, full-service digital fashion house founded in the belief that every fashion brand with a real-world presence needs to have a virtual one too. Founder James Gaubert has over twenty-two years luxury fashion experience spanning the UK, US, Middle East and Asia, having worked with brands such as Chanel, LV, Burberry, Bulgari, Net-a-Porter, Harrods, Tiffany’s and Tag Heuer.