View full screen - View 1 of Lot 15. Carnelian, enamel and gold parure, circa 1805, some glyptics possibly ancient     .

Carnelian, enamel and gold parure, circa 1805, some glyptics possibly ancient

Property from a private British Collection - Lots 1 – 15

Carnelian, enamel and gold parure, circa 1805, some glyptics possibly ancient

Carnelian, enamel and gold parure, circa 1805, some glyptics possibly ancient

Property from a private British Collection - Lots 1 – 15

From an Important Private Collection

Carnelian, enamel and gold parure

circa 1805, some glyptics possibly ancient 

Comprising: a diadem, designed as a row of interlinked circle motifs decorated with blue champlevé enamel, entwined by an openwork ribbon decorated with scroll and foliate motifs and set with twenty-five carnelian intaglios, predominantly of male and female classical heads including philosophers, Roman Princes, Cupid driving a quadriga, goats, a lion devouring prey, an eagle, Jupiter Serapis and scenes of sacrifice, each within a border of enamel, inner circumference approximately 410mm; a pair of pendent earrings, each set with a single intaglio and similarly decorated, later screw fittings; a hair comb, and a belt ornament, the centre set with a carnelian cameo of Ariadne, original fitted case.

Diadem - slightly distorted as only one end sits flat on the ground. Band very flexible. Evidence of previous solder/metal repair visible on the reverse, to the bottom of right hand central ribbon and on central circular band. Some solder on a previous break coming loose. Some oxidisation to gold. Cameos in good condition, held in place securely. Height of diadem approximately 70mm. Some shallow losses to enamel - including around one of the intaglios

Belt ornament - shallow loss to enamel. Damage to nose and hairline fracture to cheek and on reverse. Width approximately 55mm.

Comb - some oxidisation. Third intaglio from right possibly a paste replacement. Reverse showing some solder repair to previous breaks, including between two central intaglios and where the ribbon attaches to the comb. Height approximately 107mm, width approximately 124mm. Eight tines deficient.

Earrings - missing enamel on dot decoration and some shallow losses elsewhere. Reverse with evidence of solder repair, more prevalent on one earring. Intaglio of caped figure with small chip, mostly visible from rear however obscured by setting when looking at it from the front. Earring length approximately 42mm. Screw fittings, and possibly the shell surmounts, a later addition.

Gross weight approximately 237 grams. Overall condition good.

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By tradition Joséphine Bonaparte, Empress of France (1763- 1814);

Possibly acquired from the Empress Joséphine (or her estate) by Lord Edward Lascelles, “ Beau Lascelles” (1764-1814);

Thence by descent to his grand-niece Catherine, Mrs Granville Edwin Lloyd-Baker (1841-1890);

Thence by family descent to the present owner

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