Three Treasures – Collected by Stuart Weitzman

Three Treasures – Collected by Stuart Weitzman

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The British Guiana One-Cent Black on Magenta

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The British Guiana One-Cent Black on Magenta

The Unique British Guiana 1856 One-Cent Black on Magenta Surface-Colored Paper (Stanley Gibbons no.23, Scott no.13)

Initialled EDW, cut octagonally clear of design, April 4 1856 DEMERARA circular datestamp.

29 x 26 mm 


Royal Philatelic Society, London certificates:

Number 18796, October 17th 1935 signed Thomas William Hall

Number 217796, March 17th 2014 signed Christopher Harman

The 2014 certificate contains the observation “surface rubbing reduced by over-painting at some time in the past – possibly while the stamp resided in the Ferrari collection”. It should be noted that the expert committee did not have the benefit of spectrographic analysis when arriving at this opinion.


Andrew Hunter (1856-1873, original recipient of the mailed stamp);

Louis Vernon Vaughan (1873);

Neil Ross McKinnon (1873-1878);

Thomas Ridpath (1878);

Philipp de la Rénotière Von Ferrary (1878-1920, purple trefoil on reverse);

Government of France (1920-1922);

Arthur M. Hind (1922-1932, cloverleaf “AH” within seventeen-point handstamp on reverse);

Ann Hind Scala (1932-1940);

Frederick Trouton Small (1940-1970, comet handstamp on reverse; also initialed in pencil “FK” by his agent Finbar Kenny);

Irwin Weinberg and Associates (1970-1980, pencil “IW” on reverse);

John Eluthiere Du Pont (1980-2014, pencil “JEdP” on reverse);

Stuart Weitzman (2014-2021, pencil drawn stiletto and initialed SW on reverse).


1923 London International Stamp Exhibition May 14–28

1926 New York International Stamp Exhibition October 16–23

1929 Le Havre, France, Exposition Philatélique Internationale May 18–26

1930 Boston, American Philatelic Society National Exhibition August 11–16

1940 New York World’s Fair, British Pavilion May

1947 New York Centenary International Philatelic Exhibition May 17–25

1956 New York Fifth International Philatelic Exhibition April 28–May 6

1963 Melbourne International Philatelic Exhibition October 6–12

1965 London Stanley Gibbons Catalogue Centenary February 17–20

1970–1980 Irwin Weinberg toured the stamp extensively including trips to England, Japan, Switzerland, France, India, Czechoslovakia, Germany, SPain, and Canada

1986 Chicago Ameripex International Stamp Exhibition May 22–June 1 (Part of the British Guiana exhibit by “Rae Mader," which won the Grand Prix)

1987 Perth, Australia, CUP-PEX National Philatelic Exhibition January 31–February 8

2016 New York World Stamp Show May 28-June 4

2015-2020 Washington DC, Smithsonian National Postal Museum